Business Coaching

Challenging Times Require Strategic Thinking and Bold Action.


It’s time to make decisions, even tough decisions, that are best for you, your company, customers, employees and others.

Tough times call for tough leaders to face the obstacles and challenges, and then to take bold action. The Business Coach of Texas (BCOT) is ready for your challenge.

BCOT integrates 25 years of real-world, successful international business experience and the proven Hargrove Masterful Coaching program to empower business owners, sales executives and management leaders to recession-proof and expand their businesses, careers and futures.

BCOT coaching builds on tough, road-proven techniques to help move traditional transaction-oriented thinking to transformational solutions that enable companies and executives to achieve break-out results, even in the toughest of economic times.

Eric H. Gore uniquely understands what it takes to help today’s executives break through “set-in-stone” barriers and achieve entirely

new possibilities for business and personal success.

Business Coaches

  • The Business Coach of Texas will help you:
  • Re-define your markets
  • Acquire new customers
  • Keep current customers
  • Re-engineer your business, your career and the future

The Business Coach of Texas invests in its clients’ success through innovative coaching solutions that include executive coaching, sales training, leadership development and crisis management consulting.

A New Path, Now.

leadership development

Lead forward™ is a a complete corporate leadership development campaign that combines off-site strategy and team building sessions for executives and group-level Action Coaching based on the Hargrove Masterful Coaching Series.

Masterful Coaching SeriesThe Business Coach of Texas incorporates an optional POWERplay, a customized professional business development training session for senior-level executives and program managers.

Each Lead forward corporate client receives a professional-quality production DVD produced by The Business Coach of Texas. This DVD shares key insights, including the client’s key corporate leadership vision statements for employees, customers and stakeholders. The DVD allows company executives to share their visions, perspectives and insights with employees, strategic partners, customers, suppliers and more.
business Coaching DVD

Get started today on a new path to success by giving us a call for a no-obligation consultation.
Eric H. Gore is a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and the International Coaching Federation of North Texas.

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