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fix your business problemsOur Hellfighters Business Consulting group helps client companies to achieve break-out results by creating & executing business strategies that disrupt the day-to-day status quo.  We’re a virtual team of highly-talented technical, operational, product marketing and financial experts who go to work for our clients to help produce extraordinary

“We like to think of ourselves as like the guys portrayed in the old John Wayne movie, ‘Hellfighters’; the story about Red Adair and his team of skilled experts who travel the world jumping out of planes to put out the oil-well fires nobody else is brave (or crazy) enough to tackle.”hellfighters

Eric H. Gore
The Business Coach of Texas

Our focus is mostly toward high-tech companies who are either struggling to stay alive and are looking for an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution or, possibly a start-up, still trying to get the product to market, the target market identified or the value-proposition messaging just right.

In addition to our years of experience, education and professional credentials, we use sophisticated, proprietary tools to help clients establish ambitious goals, measure progress and stay accountable.

To help clients measure performance and monitor for results, Hellfighters’ use CoachConnect; the premier business performance benchmarking dashboard developed by The Business Coach of Texas!
Integrated with our client consulting experience, CoachConnect allows BCOT client executives to easily track-at-a-glance and record quantifiable progress against key performance indicators critical to the company’s short and long term success.  There’s no software to download, nothing to install.  It’s all web-based and easy for the client to access….from any on-line computer!

Contact Eric Gore directly at or by telephone at 214-668-1702 for more details.

*Attribution is hereby made with respect to the producers, actors, affiliates and any other parties, direct or indirect, engaged in the production of the 1968 movie Hellfighters.

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