When you hear CEO Mark Zuckerberg talk about Facebook, he describes it as a tool for connecting people and enabling them to communicate with each other and to the world. In comparison, CEO Evan Williams touts Twitter’s ability to share information. Twitter is the fastest, easiest way to disseminate information, breaking news, and ideas. Both are prominent social networks, but they serve different purposes and meet different needs.

Recently we’ve partnered with Globe Runner SEO to set up social platforms for us to connect with colleagues and friends on Facebook and share ideas, news, and resources via Twitter. Globe Runner also redesigned our website and streamlined our online presence, giving current and prospective clients greater access to information about our services and enabling our business to grow.  I’m excited to announce these new developments and hope that you will join me on these social networks. We’re currently developing a series of videos highlighting the benefits of the Action Selling sales training and certification program and business coaching principles that will be available soon on our Facebook and YouTube accounts which can be  boosted by Social Boosting to get more views on the content.

I hope you’ll join us as we explore these new social networks, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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